Protocol Revenue (live charts created with Flipside Crypto, writeup last updated 04/13/2021)

The Alchemix treasury receives a 10% cut of yield produced by user funds locked in the Yearn v2 DAI Vault each day.

This time series animation shows the treasury wallet balances since inception. We see ~$3mm of USDT and USDC deposited around march 14th from ftx and binance wallets but it's not clear who intiated these transfers.
Two days later ~14k ALCX leaves the treasury to one address (1) which acted as a distributor to several others. Most of these are farming in the ALCX pools. This coincided with the public announcement of a deal Alchemix made with Alameda Research. At the time, 14K ALCX was just shy of 20% of the supply.
After this, the USDT and USDC were transferred to one of the dev wallets (2) which sold these for DAI, then transferred to another dev wallet (3). The dai was lent out on aave and the Treasury currently holds this aDAI.

1. 0x7e3474dfb1f9510ed314d11afa6c6f395b2ded61 ALCX Whale Distributor Wallet

2. 0xbd2274e8640764a57595c7adf2f91e4eafda60e6 Dev Wallet

3. 0xf872703f1c8f93fa186869bac83bac5a0c87c3c8 Dev Wallet